The Beginning.

Over the years it has occurred to me that while many musicians are spectacular at writing and performing, many lack the necessary skills and motivation needed to promote their music to the public. It is a shame because there are so many talented people that I believe deserve the opportunity to showcase their work to a greater audience.

With this in mind, I recently presented a 90 minute seminar of my design at VEMF 2011 on “Building Success” in electronic music culture. The experience was thoroughly rewarding for myself and I hope that those who attended the interactive session found value in it and were able to implement some of the ideas. Later, the concept of this blog came to me as a way to consistently share thoughts about “success in music”  with those interested.

This blog is not focused on how to make music.

There will be no mixdown tutorials and I will not help you write gnarly Skrillex basslines.

It is focused on aiding you in how to achieve whatever you want with your music.

My goal is to help you get your music out there while you enjoy doing it.

I have been actively involved in the electronic music scene for 10+ years (promoting, performing, producing and participating). I have also spent many years studying the fundamental ideas surrounding “success” and analyzing the work of those who have accomplished what they set out to do. It is a personal fascination that brings me great joy and satisfaction to help others along on their path, whatever it may be.

Enjoy the content – please share your thoughts and comments.

Much respect

Quinn D.


2 responses to “The Beginning.”

  1. The1ATN says :

    That’s wonderful! I already love following you on twitter for your motivational posts. This is getting me pumped to find out you care so much you’d want others to succeed as well. Props up! Can’t wait to read more

  2. Adrian Maddaloni says :

    Quinn, the mind set that you maintain and subject others too is just fantastic. I lost count long ago, of all the amazingly inspiring things that you have either provided first hand to me or have come to me, second hand, through you. Hopefully with this Blog you can inspire other artists to become more successful with there lives and therefore with their music. Sharing Ideas and having directed conversations is as you know… extremely powerful. Ill be reading…. Peace

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