When working on music in the studio are you usually completely engaged in mixing & writing, or guilty of multitasking and giving partial attention to multiple things at once? Do you flit back and forth between Ableton and Facebook? Here’s an idea to help you start finishing more projects and increase your output.

While Western culture may encourage multitasking, in reality it results in each area being completed poorly, and most likely leaves some tasks uncompleted.

In his program “Psychology of Achievement ” Brian Tracy states that all geniuses share:

The ability to focus single-mindedly on the task they are engaged in.

When I started breaking down larger goals into scheduled blocks of focused effort, I found that I could accomplish several nights work in a single evening.

The Exercise:

Set a timer for a specific amount of time, then turn off your phone, lock your cat in the bathroom, unplug your modem or use a program to deactivate your internet while you are working. Use whatever time works for you, be it 50 minutes or 2 hours. Remember to take small breaks in between sessions. Choose one task and focus only on that one task for your allotted amount of time. It may seem simple, but it can be incredibly effective at helping you focus.

If you would like more detail on developing this skill I highly recommended taking the time to check out the game-changing 50 Minute Focus Exercise.

  • Start noticing when you are not 100% focused on your music projects.
  • Start putting consistent dedicated sessions in and watch your output skyrocket.

I would love to hear results from this exercise – please try it several times and leave your comments below.


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One response to “Focus.”

  1. Hunter says :

    Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

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