How do you find your music?

My intention this week is to get you to look for new ways to source music. Surely we all have ways of finding fresh tracks, but I assume a lot of these processes are habits.  Being resourceful is key – you find tracks you wouldn’t otherwise, and before the competition.  This dynamic applies equally to producers and sampling (and perhaps I will do a future entry on resourceful sampling).

Protip: Even if tracks you find aren’t released yet keep mental/physical note or subscribe via email updates.

Here are some potentially under-utilized resources to get your digi-fix:

  1. Searching charts (on RA / Beatport / Juno etc.)
  2. Directly from artists (helps if you share first)
  3. Soundcloud (hint: use the search button for remixes etc.)
  4. Alternative download stores (ie: Bleep & Boomkat)
  5. Bandcamp (gaining momentum)
  6. Radio/livestream (Boilerroom/ and such – people often ID tunes in the chat)
  7. Online music magazines (XLR8R / Fact / Bigup / Resident Advisor etc)

The Glory of Bloglines

Do you hate using bookmarks to check five hundred blogs for new tracks? Do you feel like you’re always forgetting a few sites that you know have good stuff? Well condense your effort and keep up to date much more efficiently with a feed aggregator like Bloglines.

Bloglines allows you to collectively view web content such as news headlines, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs in a single location. Create tabs, follow some RSS feeds (here’s the RSS feed for Sound Movement), then flip through the tabs and have all of your favorite blogs on one screen. This helps streamline your track selection and speeds things WAY up. Keep your eye on the “Free” “and DL” titles too.  The days of checking blog by blog through bookmarks or memory are over.

  • Dedicate some time to consistently looking through alternative means
  • Share any you find useful in the comments below:

5 responses to “How do you find your music?”

  1. Jay-Grasp The-Erro Nichol says :

    Awesome as always! Here’s some of my favourite blogs!

    And I use google reader to keep track of all my blogs. Great tool.



  2. Missyo says :

    I do not have time to look at blogs but I did put Hush house in my bookmarks for when I do have time (i’m liking kidnap kid)! 🙂 I normally ask others to share music with me due to my lack of music searching skills and time! This is a helpful post as perhaps I can work on the possibility of finding my own personal gems! Thanks for sharing

  3. Bezuidenthustra says :

    Some great tips here!

    This may seem silly, but another suggestion would be to “tune in” to your other friends who are always gung-ho about music, particularly those who listen to different stuff from what you’re used to. Sure, they might have their genre biases, but if you pay close attention to their posts (especially on Facebook, where people tend to link to music they love) you can find new artists or new takes by artists you’ve forgotten about. It only takes one awesome new track to open your eyes to an entire field you never knew existed.

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