The Value of Workshops

There is incredible value in consistently surrounding yourself with people who are striving to accomplish the same goals that you are. Differing perspectives, resources, companionship, and countless other opportunities arise when you spend time in the company of those investing into themselves and their work.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
-Benjamin Franklin

Seminars are an excellent opportunity to have constructive discussions, as well as absorb condensed information. Often you can get years of knowledge and experienced synthesized into a formula to boost your success. Every single person I’ve talked to that has taken Ill Gates‘ workshop (myself included) has spoken very highly of it. Sitting down with Rennie Foster last year at VEMF was a big game changer for me. I learned his valuable perspective on how to treat music as a craft, and the seminar even helped shape my ambitions for the next several years. This week, you have an opportunity to take action, get involved, and gain some valuable new skills:

Friday Oct. 28th, producer, performer, and friend Grasp the Erro and myself
will be hosting an interactive workshop at Sunset Room (6-8). 

We will be covering topics such as:

  • Technical Components of Social Networking (FB, Twitter, Soundcloud etc Optimization)
  • How to Create Powerful Collaborations
  • Build the Promo Kit that Promoters are Looking For
  • Practical motivational techniques (How to stay productive when the going gets tough)
  • How to Book Paying Gigs
  • How to get a Track Signed
  • How to Strategically Handle your own PR (successfully releasing mixes, tracks, videos etc)
  • More info here

This is the 3rd seminar I have been involved in following Ska Fest last year and VEMF this year and I am very excited for it.

The workshop is only $20, but if you have two paying guests (leave a comment through Paypal or email) – your seat is free 🙂

You can email me at djrhythmicon at hotmail dot com for further questions.

Sign up directly here (Paypal)


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3 responses to “The Value of Workshops”

  1. Axel says :

    any way you could record this? i wish i could attend

    • Sound Movement says :

      It is possible – I will look into it for sure.

      Of course it’s best to be there for these things for the discussion factor etc but it sucks for those out of town!

      Much respect.

      • Étienne says :

        I too would very much appreciate a video or audio recording of this workshop. thanks for considering it

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