A Formula for Viral Hits

Part 1 of 2

Who wants to know how to get your music out to the world? Most aspiring producers desire to make an impact and have that impact spread. In his book  The Tipping Point (highly recommended), Malcolm Gladwell covers many of the factors that tip the scales and cause “epidemics” to take place. Although there are many factors, we’re going to cover two important components over this week and next.  Let’s talk about the first part of an equation for viral hits, “the stickiness factor“:

“The stickiness factor says that messages must have a certain character which causes them to remain active in the recipients’ minds. Moreover, they must be deemed worthy of being passed on.” – Brad Hunter / http://www.stanford.edu

How sticky is your work?

This means your tracks, your mixes, your posts, your style, your work.  Does it “stick” with your audience when they hear or see it? Stickiness can be measured:  Is it memorable and does it move people to action?

1. Is it memorable?

  • Does it leave a lasting impression?
  • Do people find themselves
  • Is there a “timeless” quality to your mixes and tracks

2. Does it move people to action?

  • Do people buy the track after they hear it?
  • Do they buy tickets to your event after hearing your promo mix?
  • Do your posts and content get reposted?
We all know how some music stays with us and some fades away very quickly. We will remember some ads until we die, and there are some that don’t even register with us consciously. Stickiness is a big factor in whether ideas will spread. Give some conscious thought this week:

  • Look at 3 of your fav all time tracks – what is it about them that made them stick?
  • Start paying close attention to what “hooks” you in other people’s work

3 responses to “A Formula for Viral Hits”

  1. Étienne says :

    usually it’s the WTF factor that will turn my impression from a “like it’ to a “love it’
    the element of surprise, especially in regards to combinations of elements that should sound awful yet manage to fit naturally together, is a major reason for closing the sale for me
    a piece that’s edgy and pushes me to the limit of comfort, something that expands my horizon, while remaining poetic and soothing… that’s the strongest hook

  2. Sound Movement says :

    Well said Étienne. “Edgy” in particular is a very good descriptive word for this factor -surprise another key element. Thx for adding to the post.

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