A Formula for Viral Hits (Part 2)

Last week we spoke about the first half of an equation to get your music out to the world, “stickiness“. This means doing work that is memorable, and drives people to take action. It means people catch on to your sound then consciously pass it along to others because it had an impact on them. Let’s talk about the second half of this equation; f you want your music (or any idea) to spread to epidemic proportions, you also need connectors.

“Connectors are the people who “link us up with the world … people with a special gift for bringing the world together.” They are “a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack [… for] making friends and acquaintances”. ” – Malcolm Gladwell

In other words, “connectors” are individuals that are very well connected socially. We all know people like this, and you may even be one. In any scene there are a select few that are extraordinarily social, usually extroverted, seem to know everyone and appear to be at every event. Their mode of being is with other people. These are the super-networkers of the world.

There are two ways that you can engage with these people – you find them or they find you. By doing what you are doing and putting it out into the world publicly and consistently – you are increasing the chances that you will be approached by people that want to circulate your work and further your efforts. The other way is to seek out people that you know to be in a position to help promote  your music. This may be more challenging – if you take this approach consider that you may need to give something in return if you have not established a relationship first.

In my experience, a massive factor for the explosion of the early dubstep scene in Victoria was connectors. In the beginning stages of the new movement the freshly formed Pacific Dubstep collective were close with a hand full of people that knew everyone and were really into supporting and spreading the word. Over the course of a few months, everyone those people knew had found out about it and were likely now taking part as well. They are the people that live to share and naturally connect the dots.

= A Message that Spreads

Create original projects. Make music that has an impact on people. Seek out those that love to involve others and be open to them if they approach you (that is what they do after all!). Nurture these relationships – take care of these people. Build with people that share your passions.

  • Both look for connectors to collaborate with, and be open to them if they approach you to help promote your work.
  • Give value to connectors. Guestlist them when you can, send them pre-release tracks. Find out what they are looking for and help them accomplish it. Help them feel ahead of the curve by including them.

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