A Quality Artist Page in Minutes

Having a home page for an artist is a necessity. You need to have somewhere you can send fans and potential fans to get a vibe for what you’re about, and have access to your music. It’s almost 2012 and I think only a percentage of producers and performers have this nailed. I was hoping tumblr would fill this need, but I find it more useful for updates and photos and perhaps not ideal as a hub for all your info. Facebook pages have become bland, uninteresting, and are not particularly customizable. Myspace is dead. If you still have an account delete it now. If you’re good with html or CSS etc., then you can build your own page with code, but not everyone knows tech, and I assume most artists would rather be making music then testing scripts. Enter flavors.me.

Not too long ago while browsing Twitter, I’d come across sub|division’s Eames’ page flavors.me/kevinehman that he has linked in his bio. His page is pretty bare bones, but gives a quick idea about what he’s up to, his personal style, and most importantly – links your to his vital pages easily and cleanly. You may be thinking “Ugh, another thing to sign up for”, or “I don’t need any more social networking, thank you”, but there’s no real maintenance required and it really only takes a few minutes to get something looking good. It’s such a quick and easy process there’s really no reason not to set one up.

“Flavors allows you to create a gorgeous website in minutes, bringing together social media updates, photos, videos and more into a unified web presence.”

Part of the beauty of flavors.me is that there is the option to load feeds from particular social media streams automatically (Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter feeds, and so many more). This means that when you click on my Twitter button, my feed pops up right on the page! Same goes for even lesser known or used sites such as last.fm or Vimeo. You can have a feed load automatically when someone arrives. This integration seems smooth and uninterruptive.

A few notes:

  • Minor HTML is available, such as bold, italics and linking for your bio
  • You can upload your own background (and change where the text layout is accordingly)
  • There is no advertising or pop-ups. Your site is clean and without unnecessary tabs, bars, or other crap
  • In addition to social media streams, you can add any RSS feed as well
  • $20 a year gives access to advanced features, but they are not at all necessarily for a functional and eye-pleasing page
  • The upgrade allows for a custom URL, such as “www.rhythmicon.com” I believe (assuming your address is available)
  • You can also be sneaky and purchase a domain name yourself (often for less than $10 a year) and then route it to your flavors page.

Have a quick look at one I set up today:


Note: There are other sites that provide similar services such as about.me. I was actually going to write about it first before I came across flavors.  After using both, I found about.me be a bit faster to set up and more intuitive, but flavours.me certainly has more options and is highly customizable (though also blocks advanced features until you pay for an upgrade). It took me about 3 minutes to set up with about.me and about an hour with flavours.me get everything right (although you can do one with less time). You could try both for free though and see what works for you 🙂

Watch a quick 2 min video on it and go set one up!

If you have any thoughts, suggestions, or would like help setting up a page: leave a comment below. Heck post your own 🙂


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