12(K) Principles

A minimal(istic) electronic record label and mastering house “12K“, based out of NYC and founded in 1997, caught my attention this week. In the about section on their website, they describe how they consciously approach their music and the marketplace. They give us “12 Principles Upon Which 12K was Founded“.

I believe that having intention behind what you’re doing and being able to easily communicate your philosophy helps it spread.

Some of  these ideas may not resonate with you personally (such as 4 or 7 – I understand and appreciate them but may choose different approaches), but there is value to all of these perspectives. I equally  enjoy their music as well as how they tell their story.

“..Trying to create something beautiful, however small, in this oversaturated, violent world that we live in. A small space – a place to breathe.” Taylor Deupree


1. Don’t tell listeners what they want to hear, let them discover that for themselves.

2. Treat your audience as they are: intelligent, passionate lovers of art and sound.

3. Evolve constantly, but slowly.

4. Stay quiet, stay small.

5. Strive for timelessness.

6. Never try to be perfect. Soul is in imperfection.

7. Simplicity. Anti-Design.

8. Never try to innovate, be true to yourself, and innovation may happen.

9. Explore sound as art, as a physical phenomenon – with emotion.

10. Develop community.

11. Be spontaneous.

12. Everything will change.

What do you think? Leave a comment!

Thanks to @djfractal for passing this along.


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