Look at Your Music as a WHOLE Process.

In the business world, some marketing experts such as Dean Jackson talk about breaking your business into units of Before, During, and After the customer experience. That means analyzing, step by step, the process you go through to attract customers, do business with them, and then develop long term relationships for a life-time of business transactions. Although you may not look at your music as a “business” (something to consider, though), the before/during/after model can be very useful in creating, satisfying, and nurturing your audience.

At the current time, you may think about music in regards of playing shows, releasing tracks, and promoting them when you can or feel like it. Instead, you may want to shift your perspective and start looking at shows or releases as processes, not events (if you want to put on your philosophical hat you could think of this in the way that Eastern philosophy views reality: people, places, and things are not static, they are always changing and in movement.) Here’s some ideas regarding the 3 stages of interacting with your audience:



  • Actually performing at events (which also includes networking with DJ’s, promoters, etc, and audience)
  • The blitz of promo you should be doing for a release, be it free or paid (all social network sites, in person dialogue etc.)
  • Let people know how they can find and follow you through social media / mailing lists etc


  • Follow up and contact people you made connections with and gave cards to at your event
  • Re-post reviews and promo from artists for your released tracks
  • Encourage audience to view your other work and let them know when your next releases / gigs are
One major thing to realize is that it’s very important to focus on taking care of your audience and maintaining relationships (After). Everybody wants more fans, but don’t neglect the people that already follow you!! They already like what they do – keep that connection going.

I hope to cover this topic in greater detail in the future, as this a mere skim of the surface and it would be valuable to go into more depth for each unit. Just remember, start looking at your relationship with your audience as a whole process, not just simple events.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.


One response to “Look at Your Music as a WHOLE Process.”

  1. Olav (@MIDI_Olav) says :

    On point, as per usual. Great content Quinn.

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