Know ⇨ Like ⇨ Trust

There is a very particular process that building a successful, long term relationship with your audience goes through. If all goes well for you, the process looks like: 

Know ⇨ Like ⇨ Trust 

First someone knows about you,

then they like you (or what you do)

then they trust you (and your work).

It’s virtually impossible for it to go any other way. People can’t like or trust you unless they know you first. And do you think that someone would really trust you if they didn’t like what you are putting into the world?

Lots of musicians simply try to gain exposure (know), but a) don’t have a high quality brand or music (which would enable people to like easier), or b) aren’t consistent enough for people to build trust in their work.

I believe being authentic is at the core of true likability. Don’t bullshit your fans. We live in a different world now. If your act is fake, you will get burned, it’s that simple. Also having a unique and powerfully communicated message (read: sound) is vital. It helps you stand out. But people have to like more that just your music, they have to like you as well.

Trust is a very deep topic to discuss, but for now, it is essential to understand that without trust from your audience, their interest will be short and they will not spread your music in the same way. Consistency is an important factor in the trust equation. Trust is also very easily lost – all it takes is one wrong move.

The process takes time – it doesn’t happen over night. Focus on all three steps for sustainable success.

What do you think? Thank you for all your comments and reposts.


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