How Can Transparency Work For You?

To what extent do you feel that you are being transparent, open, sharing your needs and wants with your community?

In this Ted Talk covering rogue wave theory, phase alignments, and collaborations given at TedXVictoria, local venue owner, festival producer, and multimedia enthusiast Jason Guille had much to share in a small amount of time.

One of his points that really stood out for me regarded the importance and value of transparency.

During the talk, Jason presents a chart with data he collected from active community leaders, and goes on to show a direct correlation between awareness of needs and action taken to meet those needs. Watch the video below to get a much clearer idea.

So.. What are you trying to accomplish?

Share it actively with your friends, family, other musicians, members of your community, everyone. Think: how are people supposed to support your outcomes if they don’t know about them?

(Or even better..  also find out what others are trying to do, and help them achieve that. This will increase your own success by a magnitude of 10X, guaranteed.)

Watch the talk here:

What do you think? Leave your thoughts or experiences below:


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2 responses to “How Can Transparency Work For You?”

  1. Jason Guille says :

    thank you Quinn & Sound Movement for sharing this presentation. clearly, you know what i’m talking about and are on a similar path! much love.

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