12 Quick Tips to get More out of Soundcloud

While many of us virtually live on Soundcloud, I’ve recently realized through several conversations that a number of people don’t necessarily use it that often unless they are posing a track/mix, or sent there for a download. Personally I thing it’s a very valuable tool to become proficient with. If you take a little time to learn the ins and outs (and make use of it briefly every day or so) you can find an increasing wealth of fresh tracks as well as drive traffic to your own music. This list is by no means exhaustive (email subscribe to Sound Movement for more updates in the future), but it gives a few ideas to get more out of the service, especially if you don’t already frequent it. Here we go:

  1. It may seem obvious, but follow more people to have them show up on your dashboard (the main wall that tracks and comments show up on). You may find it useful to follow the artists that artists you enjoy are following (ie: look at who you follow, follows.)
  2. Search for, and start following relevant groups (ie: search “jungle“), to have their tracks show up on your dashboard. I will sometimes indiscriminately follow a number of groups or artists, then later unfollow those that post unsuitable tracks.
  3. Use “advanced search options“. After you use the search bar in the top right corner of the dashboard, click the “Show advanced search options” and if you like, specify things like genre, tempo, or that “Tracks should be downloadable“…
  4. Search for remixes. Popular new track just drop? Chances are it’s been remixed. Use the advanced option to hunt for edits and bootlegs. (Take this tip with a grain of salt – you will sift through 90% garbage, especially with pop-ier remixes, but may just find a gem hidden among the trash.)
  5. If you regularly play larger gigs with headliners, add your SongKick URL for gig postings that automatically add themselves to your page.
  6. Upgrade your membership and it will allow you to send tracks to more groups you are a part of (easy way to share your music with thousands instantly!!!) Thx to Grasp the Erro on this one.
  7. If you’re going to buy a premium account, use coupons from here and save a couple bucks (%25 off is nothing to sneeze at)
  8. Make checking your dashboard a habit. Seriously. Just take 5 minutes everyday after work or whatever, click on “Incoming Tracks” on your dashboard, and scroll through what’s fresh until you see yesterday’s tracks..
  9. Show some character. Go to Settings > Advanced Profile and in “description”, post a short bio (no one reads more then a paragraph), write something silly or leave an email for bookings. Be sure to add your website and Facebook page, etc. here too.
  10. Comment & favorite more. While I actively discourage you from directly asking other artists to listen to your tracks in their comments, this does not mean that you shouldn’t comment at all. If you like a track, leave a comment or click “add to favorites”. While it is by no means guaranteed that they will check your tracks in return, they are many time more likely to notice you if you do leave a tasteful comment. And you can go back and check your favorites later to see about releases and perhaps download links if you like.
  11. Return the love. If someone leaves a great comment on your track, reply with a thanks.
  12. Just Listen. Bottom right hand of the player? There’s a little icon shaped like a cartoon speech bubble. Click it to turn off comments to be able to scroll through faster and easier on popular tracks. Thx to Outsider on this one.
  13. Oh, and make sure your tracks are properly tagged 😉

Boom! Let us know if any of these work for you, or if you have a tip you’d like to share! Thanks for the comments and reposts.


6 responses to “12 Quick Tips to get More out of Soundcloud”

  1. jake1994 says :

    Really great tips here for music-browsing and promotion alike. As always, ups for the post.

  2. Stateofpsychosis says :

    Here’s a free promotion site that you should definitely advise people to use in this article:

    FREE SoundCloud Promotion! – http://goo.gl/CGANl

    It’s for real human to human plays and comments to (no bots!)

    I’ve gotten 48,000 plays in less than a year thanks to this site
    and people get signed to labels all of the time off the top list that works with it 🙂

  3. danielll says :

    advanced search thingy? cant find anything like that 😦

  4. Shawn says :

    or you can post your link to people who read advice on how to get more traffic – feel free to follow me guys 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/chronamut

  5. Afternoon Tune says :

    You gave some good tips right there. I would recommend only following artists that you like and giving genuine praise and feedback.

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