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Several years ago local DJ / producer / labelrunner / Fractal hosted a series of informal coffee meetups attended by local producers of all skill ranges. From several to many, every month or so people excited about making music would get together, drink coffee (or tea etc), eat cookies, bring works of music in progress to share, and talk about electronic music (including of course, techno). I thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and feel like they definitely helped and inspired me.

And that brings us to now. Over the next 8 weeks, from this Saturday (June 2nd @ Habit) through July we are hosting GET EXCITED AND MAKE TECHNO; a series of discussion, hangouts, & masterclasses. You should come. I hope to bring you stickers.

More info here. Hit me up with any further questions in the comments and I will reply asap.

Sign Up Here! <


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One response to “Introducing: GET EXCITED AND MAKE TECHNO!”

  1. Rennie Foster says :

    I am very pleased to be involved in the June 9th session.. hope to have some great discussion concerning all things techno and track creation! See ya there.

    Also, I’ll be DJing that night from 2am till 5:30 am at Sunset Room.. so after we get excited to make techno, perhaps come and dance to some 🙂

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